August 27, 2009

Like a somebody

This is not funnyyy.

..control, execution, feel, relax.

I need all of them very much, can you give those to me? Can I obtain it in awhile? I dont have much time left? Things are pretty urgent like how someone is in need of oxygen.

I need to breathe(or a breath) badly.

As what the picture says..

Go go AZA AZA fighting!
We can do it! Thanks for tolerating and keep on repeating 'cos I'm always too fast or lost focus. Thanks Rahim for guiding all of us, really appreciate. Jaylene for watching us too! Thanks Brian, Jonas, Keith, Audrey and Veron! Not forgetting Martin and Kevin.. watch us ya!? I love you guys.

So guys come support Basic Instinct this coming saturday at Suntec Dance Competition(Heats) at Galleria Square at 1pm. Cheer and scream as loud as you can.. we'll greatly appreciate! (:
(If can help me snap alot of pictures and video. Lol.)

My baby Thoo is awesome, hearts.

The stairway,
closer and closer.

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