September 20, 2009

Kiss Me

Your lips like sugar.

My current addiction.

I got a new sleep shirt from Cotton On Body. Eheheh. I've got more loots 'cos of the extra voucher. You know what? Cotton On clothes is so similar as of to Topshop, that I'll always go.. "Might as well I buy from Cotton On, BLAH." True or not? Since I still have got extra 30% off.

Recently, I went to interview for a few jobs and it turn out good? Good in a sense I thought I wont get selected but I did. I went interview for a childcare and the lady seem to like me alot. Then she asked me to reply her if I want the job. Next, I interview for this new energy drink, called the Naughty G. I was kind of selected but yesterday and today I couldn't work. I seriously hope the girl will call me to work.

The best one was the resume I send to NIE. They send me an sms saying I was shortlisted and was asked to check letter box. Now, I've to wait for friday to go interview, and am considered for the DIP IN ART ED programme and tentative specialisation: ART. Maybe maybe, I'll be an Art teacher in near future? (:

Bless me man, wish me luck.

A moment later will be Suntec Dance 2009 Finals..

Go Alvin Thoo Jia Rong (:
Go Crew Of Authority! I want to see you shine on stage and looking damn awesome. I'll scream like mad with the top of my voice. Bring that love and dance. I'll be your No.1 supporter.

Sparkles shining star.

A kind of alcohol
and a drug.

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