September 14, 2009

The worst and the best

For my friend, anonymous.
Recently I've listen so much that I feel life is too much of a drama.

Love isnt always water and bread. It's so much more anyone and everyone has. Behind each and every laughter, there's a story. At times the story is so painful that you feel you cant breathe anymore. At times it's so true that you couldnt stop smiling. Whatever or how it goes, remember that there are certain facts that cant be change, there are certain rules that need to be apply.

"Follow your heart."

Logically you should stop following your heart. There's too much to take. If all that is may be great memories to be kept. I dont exactly know how a person you're but it doesnt feel good to see someone so confuse. It's so much load that it kind of affect me.

Just dont suffer anymore, smile(from deep down) and have a chill pill. AZA AZA FIGHTING! (:

There's still a long journey ahead.

For so he blame himself.

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