August 22, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall

Sometimes it reflects, sometimes it defects.

Who's the ________ of all?

On my way home, I lost my green clover bear.

As scenario above, I feel I am kind of clumsy and tsk tsk. I was pretty sad and went around with Thoo with tourchlight. It was like some kind of night hike. We head back to the bus interchange, park and walk around the route we walk. The floor was so dark and we just hope we can spot some green creature that we will go yippeeee.

If anyone found my clover bear please return to me, he wore a green vest. Though he look the same as any other green care bear but NO, he feels different. He aint any original bear, his name is "grass blur" as of 草涂。
Reward will be given.

I want to see more sunshine.

makes you fly
bring you high.

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