July 17, 2009

Virus Bugs

It've been awhile since my body lost control.

All of a sudden, I'm down with fever.

A moment ago I was still fine, and after I feel something wrong. My head feels a little weird, my throat a little sore and my body feel weak. I dont like the feeling of sick when you already have plans ahead. I cant go for dance practice with BIians, vetting for Gen's project and going back home with boy.. It feels like something missing or it feels like a some kind of burden.

"Sick then bear to be at home LAH."
..that's how my mum comment when she saw me home.

It feels kind of sad when I hear those so I just kept quiet. She start to nag about how messy the house is, brother and me didn help to do house work and the list goes on. It feels kind of irritating when your mind couldnt exactly focus and you need some peace. But you know she meant well.

"Eh, I cook porridge for you then we share."
..that's how she concern and asked me to take some panadol.

At least being sick aint that bad (:
BUT still I want to recover by tomorrow so I can go for Liting 21st at pasir ris chalet, work on Sunday and MORE&more dance next week.. not to forget MORE&more sweet stuffs too. Woohoo.

Go away, I'll kill you.

Lost control
over you
too, Thoo.

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