July 30, 2012

Our First Levitation Photography

There's no place, we can't go...

That day, we found a new wonderland.

There's no photographer... as usual, but only us with our heavy bags, camera and Mr Tripod.

Thoo is rather hopeful, heh.

Recently we were so inspired by YowaYowa Camera by her levitation photography, so here is our attempt...

We did it! YAY.
It was pretty madness running here and there trying to capture it with the timer. Posted this on facebook and the response was awesome. The likes is a source of motivation for us.

More attempts to levitation, maybe?

Here are some of our other shots:

One last shot before we hunt for another place.
Inspired by Bobby Kiran and Jenny Sun Photography.

Our love, still going stronger each day.

 Only from the heart, can you touch the sky.

Looking at our pictures taken that day, really love how our ideas just filled with so much hope. And It's like the first official photo outing after I got my new camera.

Though we are not professional, don't you love our tripod photography? HEHEH.

Signing off...
Mr Thoo and Mrs Thoo.

I really love you, and I miss you.


Mathias Kong Wing Shun said...

I think you can save $ for wedding photography in the future!

Jessica Lim said...

Mathias - Thanks ya! ;) and if I can be that good with tripod photography some day... maybe it's possible.

Christine :) said...

zomg, yall are the sweeetest <3 <3 :)