May 11, 2009

Complains and BRAs

Under the moonlight (:

Recently or say nowadays, my blog got more and more chinese post.

With regards to that I received complains. Some told me they find it hard to understand and will skip those, some told me they are lazy to read. Anyway, check out Gabriel's A1 chinese for O's.

HAHHAH. I'm sorry but I really blog.. tagged if you read this. And yes, at times blog in chinese.. I got more feel and sounds very chim, WOO (:

This days work at Cotton On can be pretty tiring. At times it turn out fun too 'cos of all the nonsense stuff some colleagues do. One of the day we dress up so crap or so nonsense that I think customers may secretly laugh.. Weixing's lab coat feels pretty cool.

Cotton On Body is opening soon..

That's set up later and guess what? I saw alot of my shifts I'm prolly working at Body. I'm gonna face BRAs and PANTIES for dont know how long. HAHAHH. And it feels not very nice if those people stinks. But then maybe uh, as time goes I may become professional in choosing bra or pushups or what-so-ever. Lol.

Maybe maybe they got leopard prints, my new fetish :D

We gaze, and daze.

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