May 25, 2009

Chambre a part & Tag partner

Why do I always assume and care so much?

I borrow this book from the library and the book cover caught me.

It goes like this..


Hmms.. true true true?


Anyway, let me introduce to you my tag partner..

Audrey! ..with her LOTS and LOTS of smiley tee.

Next up presenting J.

Aud know why we are tag team yea? Heheh.

Anyway, I gonna be a real graduate on friday the 29th. I'll be in this big big graduation gown taking my certificate. Doesnt it sound exciting? Woo, maybe I shall capture the last few moments of my polytechnic days. It just feels so old and I'm like a grand senoir cum alumni in Foreign Bodies.

Time flies and I wonder if what capture really stays true..

My shoulder,
my shelter,
my love.

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