May 10, 2009

Different Moments

You know you want so much more, it's becoming addictive.

He's like a dessert, so sweet.

That day after work, I met up with Wen for dinner. Aftermath she went to have her mango sago and we started to camwhore. At times or prolly twice after her school reopen, I went to crash it twice. Ngee Ann sure have alot of mountain or up slope and I think I can slim down.

Then we try to show of our hair.

Wen say this picture super got feel.

Another feel.

Spot the different. HAHHA.

The emo feel.

We still have Little India trip or photo trip. Hopfully soon and I wanna try take more artistic pictures.. THEN eat prata prata.


That day I went to watch KO heats.

It was pretty another eye opener and it makes me go wow wow. Alot of the group were really good and leaves a pretty deep imprression on me. Alot of Fbodz peeps joined too and I'm really proud of them. I'm proud of the usual peeps(Wednesday Crew) too. I cheer and scream! :DD

Pretty cool lightnings.

..and anyway, dont this picture looks like in a club?

Cant wait to watch again.


That day I went to crash NP again.

This time round, I went to find boy for lunch and off I went to Anan's class. We stone a little, chat a little, webcam a little and time just passes so fast. At times, I just hope it stops.

The normal one.

The hamsters.

The snowing.

The saturated rabbit.

Two different worlds.

Sweet? HEHHE.

I'm acting stupid.


Trying to scare you.

In dreamland.

And you know what?
I really treasure every moment able to spend with you.

Right now
slowly deeply
that's a light
glowing growing
in my tiny heart
called love.

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