May 26, 2009


*pictures credit to Ascentee.lj

Hey guys, I'm in collection 35 of Ascentee.lj.

Thanks to Shirley I got to try wearing alot of pretty dresses and different snap snaps. I'm pretty sorry that I look kind of tired in most of the shots.. my eyes. Hopfully I'll be more fresh the next time if you still asked me to be in your collection. And why do I look so chubby in the pictures? HAHAAH. I'm growing too fat.. I need to slim down already. Then my hair is so messy. Arghhh.

Some shots I prefer(or I think I still can make it)..

Zipper dress(Roses).

Lace cropped cardigan.

Babydoll dress.

Yellow summer skirt.

Last but not least..

Nautical Stripes.
My favourite top of all. Or say I pretty got feel. Shirley give me this top! I love it! WOOHOO (:

..if anyone of your peeps like any of the tops or dresses, feel free to contact me or make a comment at Ascentee.livejournal. They are really friendly and nice people.

On a side note, Cotton On is having a storewide up to 70% discount. Do come down to shop especially Lot One Shoppers' Mall outlet! It's the biggest outlet in Singapore as it consists of not Only Cotton On adult clothes but Cotton On Body and Rubi shoes.. the shop is linked.

Com' on, spend your moolahs.

Your lips like sugar.

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