March 21, 2009

Wednesday Crew

I'm still confuse, is it just myself that I fear?

That day the feel for that choreography was chill.

This days I've been dancing and the feeling is great. And I really love the choreography by Beverly and Regina. It seems pretty like a challenge to me 'cos it's girls hip hop. It's challenging in a way perhaps being girly or sexy is so not me, I'm kind of manly and stiff. Yes, you didn hear wrongly that I am very man.

I really like that.

Anyway, this days have been going to Oschool and session-ing at SMU. It's pretty great to know new people and seeing the different kind of dance style. It seems to me that their dance was so different from this School of Groove I know. It's also great taking lots of pictures and camwhore.

Missing Veron, Niger and Gen..
and whoever who wanna join us and have fun :)

It happened that Jezz and me wore black tank top and jacket. JJ keep comment that we are ready to perform. So here goes..

We are having this 'ultimate fight'.

Then we tried to share the same cap.

Then it was Nike high dunk shoe advertisment.

And it's been awhile since I do stretching on the wall. Everytime I hear 'Listen' I tend to miss. At times I start to think back, I find it amazing that I've dance Lyrical Jazz before. I wonder when will I ever see the video of the whole FBodz Production 2008.

That was JJ. Jezz and J. We are all Js.

A shoutout to Wednesday Crew.

Thanks to you guys for making my day. Though I only know some of your for awhile.. it's really great and I hope we got more Animal Farm Battle soon. Yes and I hope we will go for class every Wednesday or session or chill or etc if possible. Thanks for hearing my grumbles this few days.

Now, I should become a big girl. Now, I should remember why I've been working so hard. Now, I should just follow my heart.

Now, I should just dance.

Everything is simple but
why am I having sleepless nights?

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