January 29, 2009

Happy MOO Year - Day 1

What's this feeling I'm having now? How do you describe that? How do you define it?

This year, my pocket feel blessed.

As years goes by, the meaning of Chinese New Year become lesser. What I meant is, to me even or most kids, teenagers or young adults.. It's an ocassion where you can sit there and moolahs will keep rolling. Then you get to eat lots of 'mountain needle sea taste'. People gather around to play mahjongs and play poker. Then kids running around playing hide-and-seek.

It wasnt the same feeling as olden times or what you see in television. People treasure how much the renuoin dinner does, people treasure the gathering, people treasure the food they will have.. or perhaps technology advances till people mindset changes. Or maybe I am growing too old. OR this CNY doesnt fall on the correct time.

But HEY, during the first day of CNY.. I went to watch Inkheart with some of my classmates. It was kind of a very last minute decision. We wanted to watch at Cineleisure but it was all packed. I want to watch The Wedding Game but it was full. Shrugs. But Inkheart at Lido was pretty nice too :)

In the middle of the road, with the help of self-timer.

I'm always showing my teeth.

Aint we adorable? Lol.

I want to take a proper shot but..

Chris' and Leslie's hands keep interrupt. Tsk tsk.

Red red background for CNY.

After Ruby went home first, we accompany her at the bustop..

Look at Leslie squeezed up face.

With Ruby..

Finally a proper shot.

I told them to bring a toy but they dont so...

I force them to take pictures with my cute octopus!

Aftermath we went starbuckscoffeebean to chill..





This is granny J.

Awwwww.. HAHHAHA.

We sat at starbucks for pretty long and we didn exactly bought a drink. I wonder that day if the waiter even notice we didn bought anything.. Or perhaps 'cos it was kind of late and was CNY so he/she didn give a damn. Opps. We have a good laugh!

Aint this picture cool?

No special effect made alright! It was taken in the midst the octopus actually lost it focus and fall. Then it came out that the picture have special effects.

It's pretty early now I must say. There will be more updates of MOO MOO year. Hope everyone receive more angbaos to feed their pockets extremely full. And eat alot till you grow ultra dooper fat like astro boy! Ehehe. I'm high without sleep.

For the month of January,
Happy Birthday Weiliang!
Happy Birthday Yang!
Happy Birthday Eugenia!

I love you all many many.
Thanks Weiliang for always giving me advice, and I dont know how many supper I owe you although you stay only Ave 4. Thanks Yang for accompany me during my secondary three and four days, without you I will really be isolated. Thanks Eugenia for being my fun-loving woman, the first person I talk to in my polytechnic days and bring me to know dance.

All the good luck come come.

one fine day

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