December 4, 2008

Our last lap

Foreign Bodies very own first Production 2008.

You know how much it meant to everyone of us. Everyone so drained but we know we must do a great job. Time is tight that no one should rest. No one should complain 'cos everyone is having the same feeling. Time is tight 'cos common test week fall on that week. Time is tight 'cos everyone have their own commitments. Time is tight 'cos there are of different generations. Time is tight 'cos we dont feel the same. Time is tight 'cos we have so much to do. Time is so tight, so we must..

...treasure each other, feel each other and stay together.

So people do give your support and come down to NYP on the December 12 and 13. It will start at 730PM, NYP auditorium. Go to HERE for more info! OR sms me if you know me. I'll greatly appreciated if you come down to watch.

My birthday is so near you know! =D

And yes, I wont be online from Friday to probably Sunday?
There will be a mini stay-over in school on Friday.. Saturday maybe? Then cousin wedding on Sunday morning and dinner at night. I gonna eat all the 'mountain needle sea taste' to restore my energy. Heh.

I just wanna be really optimistic and enjoy this moment.

Let's get educated.

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