October 21, 2008

Never give up

I'll continue dance, at least for now.

I still have alot of things yet to accomplish, I really want to shine. I've come so far, try so hard.. wont it be a waste if everything pause? I never say I will give up dance and I dance for myself. But my trueself I've yet to find.

I went to look at my archives and memories of the past came. I look at how kiddish I was in my secondary school. How I look ah lian too.. then how I started learning dance and along the way who I met.

You know looking back is pleasant and sometimes you feel that you miss those memories and people.

I miss the people from Oschool.. I remember chilling out and they teach me dance. And I remember Eugenia was the one who bring me to dance and my journey starts there... I remembered going for FB audition during my year one days. I didn get in then. The year after I try again. This time round I was in.. I was glad but I know I was given a chance.

Now, how would life be if I aint in FB or dance?


Life would be just school, work and home?

My journey in dance..

Sakuran Japanese Music and Dance Club.

During my year one days, I joined Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club. It's really nice in there too where I got to know basic Japanese language, visit Japanese school and learn traditional Japanese dance. There is basic hip hop too. Anyway, that was my first performance. Second was at some lantern festival.

With Nickz.

I remember this was like my Hip Hop 2 chereography taught by Gin. We went practise in school and found that the white dorm was a nice place! This was how stiff I was that time, though I am still now. LOL.

First Junoir performance.

Performance for Student Union. Dont you just miss AM to PM? There are different versions of AM to PM.. by different group of people and ocassions too. Search for jesslim in YOUTUBE. The above there's me. SPOT.

Open House 2008.

Video Credits to Diane.

First Competition - Dance works 2008.

I really miss Re:Flec days! We are like the taiwan wannabes crew huh? LOL. I miss the gold jersey and it's like the only chance I wore. I miss Machi too.. Damn baby damn. And I got hair extensions too.. so long hair. Lastly, the dope black apple and Sandra's expression.

Club Crawl 2008

Day One when we wore yellow yellow. I'm in teach me and one wish. Heh.

Jam and Hop 2008

I miss feedback man. It been very long since I dance reggae/girls hip hop kind of dance.

Then my last two performances was at Yismin Dad's event and Niu Nai Campus concert.

Come to think of it, I've actually perform quite a lot of time. I should have boost up my confidence already yes? But I dont know why there is still this fear when showcase or perform. TSK TSK.

I know I may not be the best dancer out there but I know dance is something I enjoy. (There are time I feel stress too.) I feel happy when I see audiences with loud applauses and cheers. I like it when people are attracted when they see you dance. I like to see people dance too.

Dance somehow play an important part to my life already. If it aint important why would I spend so much time on it? If it is not important I should have stopped long ago?

So is dance important to you too? In what way?

..or what does Foreign Bodies means to you?

"Dance to express, not to impress."

Dedication -
of love for dance.

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