September 24, 2008

Sentosa on Monday Part I

Note: This post will be of tag replies and sunny pictures.

shyan: u look real pretty and cool the last time i saw u. so much diff ever since our 1st yr (:
J: Thanks ya! I haven been seeing u for quite some time since class bbq.. You're still as pretty :)

Anna: Cheer up babe! (: I love you

honghao: letting go wasnt easy, & its sad but life goes on. you cant stop too, move on and cheers! we can go net again (:
J: I will be happy. Yea, we go net again and see if we will be lucky this time round. :)

diane: cheer up girl (: no use getting sad yeah? i bet u have a brighter future ahead of u (: loves.
J: Thanks ya. I hope i will be more hardworking. *loves :)

xiuhui: ♥ hugs.

Anna: Yea babe! You can do it! You know you have me and the SUN! (:
J: YEA, I love the sun. I wanna change to a new color. HEH.

anon: jus passing by. blogging out wad you're sad is good, you shouldn't keep it inside of you, you'll feel worse. cry when you're sad, let out all you have. when you do that, you'll feel tired, and slowly fell asleep, if not, you'll gradually became numb one day. this is a tough period, but you'll get thru somehow, someway, one day, definitely. so dun feel scared, find all your friends, they are your pillar of strength now. hope all these words help. i walked on this path before too. it was hard, i felt the same way as you, but i'm okay now. if i can, why not you? tkcare girl. you can do it! (:
J: Thanks ya anon. Your words really give me some kind of motivation. Just it becomes a habit I will slowly get used to. Yea, I have my friend around.. and they sure help me in some way, my family too. I can ya.. take care too! :)

flor: tc. Stay strong! (:
J: I will! thanks you. (:

sharon: babe cheer up alright ! =D
J: I will! Hah. =D

anon2: he's not worth it girl. go for someone who thinks you're everything. not nothing.
J: I will go on, someday the true one will come.

Chuck to Jess: Its not abt u, its abt me. Things will turn out this way sooner or later, and you and I know it. If you know it, you should explain things to ur fanclub, if not i will do the talking
J: I know it will happen sooner or later but my emotions lead me to contradict things. We are still friends right? If you want to explain just tag back, my blog is only my side of story.

deryck: what a guy to throw all the guys' pride away
J: The way he talk is harsh.

Two weeks ago, on that Monday.

The few of us went to Cafe Del Mar to interview. That was Alicia, Eve(my cousin), Sandra and me. The interview went smoothly but the weird thing is.. it have been like a week or two yet none of us receive any calls. Oh well..

With my cousin Eve. She went off earlier to meet her boyfriend and the rest of us went suntanning. The sun was good that day. Shiok.

We ate the potato chips I bought..

..and we didn know we cant and got said by the server there. Hah.

Snapshots with Alicia. I like her dimples.

I love the sun, do you?

Thanks for listening to my naggings and etc ya! Thanks Alicia and Sandra. Hah. After the sentosa trip, Sandra and me went back school for Asian but it was cancel last minute. =(

My schedule is pack and I am really happy. I am getting tanned so I will 'turn over a new skin'. YES. There will be Sentosa part II coming up with Anna and my cousin's wedding. Alot of my cousin are getting married and I am happy for them. And then I met this long-distance cousin yesterday.. she is 29 now, who is still single 'cos she believe her fate haven reach. She have met quite alot of broken relationships too. She motivates me in some way though I'm upset that at my relative side(18 above), I'm the only one aint attached.. like just. Shrugs.

And between Chuck and me, I think my emotions lead me saying to things or actions beyond control or being misunderstood. I message him saying we should be friends.. or said we broke up on mutual agreement with supposingly no hard feelings(perhaps I have some hard feelings). After that night, he then got to know that girl. It's hard for me to explain just like to girls.. it will link things up and thinking it is 'cos of another girl. To me, everything was excuses and all I remember was him telling me.. "I let you go... so that.. you will .. happy."

I did hate him for awhile.

The few nights after the break up.. or say when I went to meet him, gave the last hug. At night I called and then knew he got a new girlfriend.. my heart just couldnt take it. This lead me to think, how can things happen so fast? What is he trying to prove? I know he claimed that he love his girl.. but to me I'm thinking if it is true. Feelings can occur so fast in few days?

I know love can never be measure by days or time.

Love need no reason.

I believe he love his girl now, or I choose to believe.

We both are okay so peeps out there dont hate him or whatsoever 'cos I dont hate him already. I am awake, I've think things through.. we should just be friends and nothing more. The way he talk is damn harsh but he dont mean harm.. and that is also why our character dont match. The days together with him is great, just maybe we aint fated..

Just stay true, love.

Look ahead
no more tears
no more headaches
no more sleepless nights
no more Jonathan Boo Ren Chang
I will love you as a friend now

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