September 14, 2008

Not a Full Moon

Yesterday, my family went to my Godbrother's wedding dinner at Habourfront centre. The contradicting part is who is my Godbrother? I cant remember his face, all I remember was my GodMother's.

When I reach the restaurant called Dragon Gate Restaurant, the first think i know was that we need to handshake. I saw the guy beside my GodMother and wondering, should I called him Godfather? HAH. I hesitate for awhile and he asked: "what should you call me?"

"Gan die". (In chinese)

It was so embarassing that i forget how he look like, or even remember. Oh well.. We were to be sitted at specified table and we was at 76. Ah Ma was at 25 'cos she was at the vegetarian table. We reached around 7 15 and it was really empty. We sitted and wonder who will be sitting in the same table as us, hoping wishing there will only be max. 3 more person. So we can eat more good food.

At ard 8, this 3 people sitted and our table. They were kind of rude 'cos they didn even have the courteousy to smile. Then they shifted to the next table as they found farmiliar faces. Pa, Ma, Kor and me waited till 8 45 and no one else sitted at our table. We turned our head back and forth seeing mostly full table or 1 - 2 empty sits.

The light dim.

"Wah seh, first time in my life..."

First time in our life, we see 4 people in a wedding table. We're happy yet embarrassed. The other table look at us in disbelief or some of them mumble somthing. Oh well, we eat till we BAO ZHA.

We ate like 3 bowls of shark fin and that make us bloated.

Anyway, during the meals my brother asked if is there a superstitious(spells?) thing that if a table is not full.. it wont be renoiun(spells?). "Lu guo zhuo zhi mei man, jiu bu tuan yuan." This seems true though, for today.

Brother and me was thinking about our boyfriend/girlfriend that how good if they was there. They can share this good food together..

Some camwhore pictures.

My Ah Ma looks cute in the picture ya? And Brother and me look quite alike too.. for my Mum, she is the prettiest Mum. Dad? He's driving so didn take picture with him.

Here's a bidding goodbye to them.

My Godfather and Godmother. My Godmother pretty gorgeous huh? She dont look like her usual self. Pardon for my awkward face.

Today is Mooncake Festival, I went to church with Jon, shopped around and went home. We didn manage to burn lantern or play lantern like what we promised/said before. Shrugs. I hope we will have a chance to play lantern together.

I hope the moon is round today, I dont see it. I didn even get to see a curve moon on my face. I didn get to see a curve moon on his too except for that split seconds. Time was too short today, I'm upset. The lift should got jam that moment. We should have been more calm and cool. I should have grow up in that few seconds.

I love you my favourite boy, your No.1 fan.

In 2 - 3 weeks time
I cant wait

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