September 17, 2008

Little India Two

**Note: This post is full of pictures. Slow loading and do tag! :)

Will the sky ever fall?

I always tell myself if that ever happen, the sky will fall. In some way I literally hope it will fall. Then I will hold that myself or some people/pole will do the job. Miracles dont exactly happen, especially when it is of me.

Anyway, I've yet to update the Little India trip with Sharon two weeks ago at Little India.. at a paticular Monday before Asian Hip Hop practice. The first time I went was with Wen. We went to shop at Mustafa Centre as she want to see bangles. In the end I bought bangles but she didn. Oh well. The trip was fun with lot of crazy pictures. We didn care how the other see us as they aint our race! LOL. Pardon me.

Now let the pictures talk again.

We spotted this orange wall somewhere near Mustafa Centre. It enhance our shirt and our face! Eheheh. I look like a small kid/boy boy with the bermudas and rainbow cap. Sharon look happy! =D

We put the camera at the fence and set on timer. I really like the pictures! Especially the above two..

We are ready for a fight. Hah. I saw the wood/pole and carry up to take picture.

More random pictures on the way after we finish shopping in Mustafa Centre.

Fences look emo, dont they?

Mr Postman wasnt there.

It says: "Foreign Bodies School of Groove".

Squat pictures.

We were hungry and went to this shop. We're at Little India so we choose Indian food! Hah. We both ate Chicken Nasi Briyani. They are nice but not spicy enough. Tsk tsk. Sharon eat till very clean..

More pictures ahead. Check out the rainbow floor and the longest arrow?

We're tiny man.

Farmiliar? Wen and me took here too.
REASON: I like the wall! Heheh.

We look fat under the car reflection.

Did you guys always see alot of birds around?


TADAHH, we saw this grass patch full of birds. We try to scare them away but they just wont fly high. Shrugs.

AND YES! We finally manage to take pictures of the flying birds with us. We didn scare them and they fly. They suddenly all fly towards a direction and then back again.

Count the number of birds! Correct answer will get a prize from me?

Now for big head shots.

Presenting Sharon and J.

People always says:
"The grass is greener on the other side."

You feel it that way too?

Our jumps picture. All this are the successful ones. Except for the first shot..

I'm acting cool/emo like Jay Chou.

Little India Trip two was full of pictures as well. Girls cant stop camwhore. Teehee.

I dont like late nights now. It makes me think of stuffs and got emotional. I'm glad that I still have got Green Clover Bear and Tweety. Pardon I always sound like kid but yea man.

Anyone got dramas or show to intro to keep me occupy at night? I've finish watching Hot Shot that is out on already. The show is really nice and Xiao Zhu is super hilarious.

If Cafe Del Mar accept me, I'll have three part-time jobs on hand. How great.

Chinese songs sounds great but yuck too, for now.

"Just believe"
it might bring us..

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