July 18, 2008

Define the percentage.

The performance at Padang is at 830AM. Bel told me the wrong timing cos the management told her the wrong timing.. My god, i wonder what time the performance exactly start.. AM seems rather early. And we're really dancing from AM to PM. Lol. Then i wonder if Padang will be packed with people..

If anybody can, come down in the morning to support us! =D

I hope everything goes well though.. am really tired with so many things undone. I have been coming late/skipped FYP and i go for super long break. I feel kind of guilty but my body need more sleep. I'm gonna perform for Niu Nai too.. it seems another chance for me to be on stage.

Problems between people.. and i feel that i created some. If being apologetic(spells?) is too late, i dont know what to do.. i just dont like to see people around me being on fire.

Good luck to me ya, thanks for those who care for me.
And i wanna get my friends/bestie back.

Prove to me
I'm worth much more

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