May 18, 2008

Sunshine, my love.

(Taken at 11 September 2006.)

Everything is back to normal again.

Yesterday dance for around 4 hours, great workout man. Lol. It's been awhile since i really dance that long and i found out my stamina not as good already. I still cant get the correct timing for Feedback especially when formation is out, i should listen to the music and focus. I hope i can get the feel of the music.. mus be doll ar, must control and be sexy? I gonna try hard to be sexy. HAH. I need more variations in poses also.. i'm like always repeating or having weird ones.

Yea man, i went swimming just now. The feeling was great and i got a lttle tanned? I'm kind of disappointed i didn concentrate in learning swimming when i'm young.. i cant trapped water. So when i swim i just stay by the side.. when i've got no breathe i get up. Shrugs.. so many kids swimming and blocking around man.

Anyway the funny part is when i was walking out of the swimming complex got one small boy ask for my number.. saying the cousin wants the number. HAHAHAH. He must have thought i was younger or around the same age as him.

Tsk tsk. I wonder when my online things will come.. and i just got a pair of leopard heels.. thinking of it now, it seems kind of hard to match. Rawr.

I wanna paint my nails red.

This Sunday, i'm home alone for awhile.

What yours
will be yours
But what never yours
can be yours
if you try your best?

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