May 25, 2008

Dance then Bon Voyage.

Boy went off to Malaysia for Church camp yesterday. I miss him man though he would prolly be back tomorrow evening? I've no idea what time too.. he will call me. Heh. And ya man, he called me just now 'cos there's connection of Starhub in his phone.. thanks for calling me! But i cant hear clealy so didn talk much. =(

Boy look like some chao an beng and some NS guy too 'cos of his botak.. But AH BENG AH, still love you! LOL.

Alright, friday was my last day of attachment. I really appreciate the days there or perhaps i was guilty 'cos i fake sick 2 - 3 times.. I really appreciate that they allow me to go off earlier for my last day! Thanks Pearson Education South Asia! Boss told me if she got projects she will find me, how great. Teehee.

It was the day for Jam&Hop too. I feel that i screw up the performance.. especially for Feedback. My timing was off, weird postures, not sexy enough and lack of expression. I thought i can have do it better then practice but i didn.. Nevermind, here's the video.

Thanks Jaster for helping me take the video, seriously appreciated.

After the performance, went back to studio and then started camwhore with some of the girls. Hehe. There's pictures taken during the rehearsel too.

The side views taken by Xuanhong, hah. Anyone got the front view of the picture? I cant remember whose camera was that.

Try out the lightnings with Jeanie. Hehe. My jeans look uber big from that angle.

Da tou shots with Jeanie.

With Sandra. HEH.



With Cheryl..

Timer helps us take this shot.

At the stairs.

With Germaine.

I feel really tired after dancing and working non-stop for five day straight. But still i dont like my face looking so pale. FYP starts tomorrow.. i hope i dont need to go school everyday, cos i want to sleep! LOL.

Anyway, i came upon this blog of an anonymous reader call He's really interesting or maybe a bastard/asshole with alot of stories to tell. He usually tells how most guys is like and i started to think, cos it sounds kind of true.. shall post some of his interesting post up someday.

Ah Ma is also off to Malaysia. I MISS AH MA TOO.

There's street jazz tomorrow, like FINALLY.

That look
that warmth
that distance
i misses so.

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