May 29, 2008

Final Year Project.

Attachment have come to an end and i've FYP in school now. Seriously it is super boring.. or perhaps i not sure or dont know what to do for the past 3 days. I hope next week will be better. MY DEAR SUPERVISOR, please visit me in my lab and give me more details of what i can do.

My project title is NYP campus in google earth. That means i have to draw the entire NYP campus in 3D.. can you imagine? It may sound like i'm an architect already. First day i went to find him, he told me i have to draw them to scale.. that means i have to get the architecture map ar? I cant possibly go around the whole school taking measuring tape and picture. And the fact is even if i take picture.. i cant see the top view of the school campus.

This is like a challenge.. if i can draw out that, i'm really happy. LOL. I still have got 11 weeks and 1 day of FYP.

Tsk tsk.

I didn went to Street Jazz practice on monday.. feel kind of sad though. Stupid cramps shouldnt have come on that day.. Later on there is another practice.. i hope i can catch it especially the turns. It been a while since i do stretching and etc. I received the email from Leong too, the song is nice.. listen. =)

I'm getting lazy to dance nowadays.

Time to stone in lab, i'm at S446!

to the sound in my heart
the sound from deep within
for my dreams to be heard

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