July 15, 2007

Random thoughts.

I'm so bored till i feel like crying.

I've been thinking about stuffs. I feel that things wasnt use to be the same. I keep thinking the bad stuffs and all this makes me repel like a magnet.. or maybe i'm the only magnet who's trying to attract this iron. This is getting tiring, i think i'll just say goodbye.

Things in my life keep repeating, or maybe it's my character that causes that. I dont show my emotions and expressions well, all i know is to hide.. and showing that stone face of mine. Even if i care, maybe i care too much that people took it for granted. Or maybe they couldnt see how much i do. Maybe,i'm just fickle-minded.. maybe, i dont know.

And those weird feelings are coming back.. i start to care about how others think of me again. I should drop that feeling or it will affect how i potray myself in dance and even when i'm communicating with others.
Jessica please hav confidence, in yourself. :)

Here's a story by author Chong Lee(friend of mine). HAH.
There was once a soldier who loved a princess deeply.
One day, he took up the courage and confess to the princess who did not seem to have any feelings towards him at that point of time.

Soldier: I love you! Would you be mine?
Princess: MM, I will consider the love if you stand here at the palace gate for a thousand days without leaving at all to prove how much you love me.

The soldier did what she told him to, He waited and waited.
Whether it's rain or shine, no matter how exhausted he was,
he stood there strongly, waiting for her to come into his arms.

Days passed, Slowly the princess begins to fall in love with the soldier.

On the 999th day, the princess was touched by his actions, and decided to tell the soldier that she wants to be his on the next day.

And so, when the sun rise up, the princess went to the soldier.
when she was about to say the magic words,
The soldier turned and walked away with disappoinment.

Princess was puzzled,
She asked the soldier: Why are you turning away now? You've waited for 1000th day. I have fallen in love with you.
Soldier replied gutterly: My love for you had been used up in this 1000th day of test.

After hearing that reply, Princess's heart was broken into million pieces.

Moral of the story:
Don let the person who love you so dearly wait for too long.
No one will ever waits for another.
Cherish what you have now.
Once gone, it's gone.

I'm down suddenly. So down...

Somewhat like stranger
i dont quite like that.

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