May 26, 2007

Down, down, down.

So Sorry.

I didn manage to blog for like SIX days 'cos i'm really sick or 've got no mood to blog.
#1 I've been having this on and off fever since Tuesday.
#2 On Thursday my fever got worst in the afternoon that i feel like crying. (Crying not 'cos i was sick but thinking i cant go for first Fbodz practice.)
#3 I've body aches all over 'cos i haven been dancing straight for few hours.
#4 I skipped class on Friday except the night class 'cos there's test. (Half way throught the test i tell teacher i'm sick.. and then teacher commented that i've got sore-eyes.)
#5 I went to see the doctor and he commented that i've got eye infection.
#6 I've problem swallowing medicine especially pills. (Even Eugenia cant take the way how i swallow medicine. LOL.)
#7 I've been sleeping and sleeping till my brains go haywire.
#8 I've been craving for eating meat when i'm sick but seeing fried food makes me feel like vomitting.
#9 I wanna be a caveman.
#10 I need moolah, energy and time.
#11 I love friends.
#12 I miss my girls besties and guy bud(like i always do).
#13 I wanna dance to live.

Alot of things dont seem as important anymore.

Am i miss by any? Or am i a forgotten child?

Shake all those out

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