May 2, 2007

Belated Labour Day.

My day was quite a bored. I slept at five am and then i woke up at around three. Movie with Ty to watch Spiderman3 was canceled, 'cos there werent any seats available.. and trip down to IMM with Jon was canceled 'cos he went to watch Spiderman3.

So all in all, the whole day got to do with Spiderman3.

I eat my breakfast cum lunch and went to sleep again. I woke up at nine, and watch this funny drama from channel 8. After i ate my dinner then i receive a call from Aaron, asking to eat supper.

So i did, together with Dennis.

Thank for your Wu Xiang AH Sir.

and he commented the Fuzhou mee was way better than school.

Before i alight..

Supper makes us go FAT and MAD. ..and Tsk Tsk, i'm with two REEF. LOL.

Oh ya, i was quite shocked to receive this email..

Meaning i get into DanceCompany? But i remember i didn went for the audition or receive any calls of them to ask me go audition. I only went for Stage Arts(which i didn get in) and Foreign Bodies(results still pending).

Hopfully the email wasnt any false alarm, 'cos getting in means i can learn a different Dance.. and it will help me in my flexibility.

So empty, no one's there for me.

When you're gone
the words i need to hear
to always get me through the day
and make it okay
i miss you.

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