April 22, 2007


Yesterday, went for stage arts audition with Nickz. Overall.. i think i did okay, not the best but i know i tried my best. I forgotten some steps but i did continue the dance. Nickz went off 'cos he wasnt in into Jazz(We're told by the President their main focus was on Jazz).

There's like around 80 people for the audition. I believe together with the auditon next week.. there will be around 200 people? And the possibly of me getting in is 60%, they should be choosing around 50 people.

Thanks for the good luck i receive. More lucks to be given for Foreign Bodies audition on the wednesday.. and the chances are like 20%. Shrugs.

And here's a video of Nickz and me dancing.

I know i'm 80% stiff. There's hesitation and not enough confidence. I will improve! Give me more time and i will become 80% jelly.. =D

I want to fall in love with dance, so i can feel it more.

And yea, working is kind of fun and bored. Fun in the sense colleagues get high and we do some mad stuffs. Bored in the sense there's no hunks or babes to make my eyes sparkles.. What's more, no much people visit me anymore? =(.

But Daniel, Hafiza, Siew yee, Alvin happened to pop by. I saw this farmiliar back view also, and i'm not sure whether is my friend. Oh well..

and i feel carefree now, in my heart there's no one?

I wanna love LOVE you.

When i wish upon
upon the wishes of wish
i want to sore
high to the sky.

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