April 1, 2007

If i could lie, i want to lie on you.

Seriously, time heals. I'm too tired to think of anything or i'm trying not to think. I'm telling myself it doesnt matter anymore, it doesnt matter anymore.. ... ...

On Wednesday(28th March), met Eug and Trix to watch Stomp the Yard. The overall of the show was okay, but some dance moves amazed me.

We took pictures with Doreamon.

Our reflections. Teehee.

And here's two shots i like and 've edited..

Yes, i'm beautiful and i'm red. LOL.

On Thursday(29th March), went for facial and then meet Eug to go school. Going to school to help out wasnt a pleasant thing, a long story that i shant say. Met jacky and Jessica too..

Hahah. Spot them.

That's Jacky's finger.

Hello world.

I dont like the feeling of waiting but everytime i've to. The horrible feeling of lost, lonely and fear.

Suddenly i'm glad no one i knows of like me or confess to me. Looking at my work schedule this month, i'm sad to annouce i've only Tuesdays as off-days till school reopen. So it means work, work and MORE work. I'll be at Marina Square mostly but help out at Raffles City/ Pacific Plaza/ Isetan Bazaar too. I flyy.. Sooner or later, i think i'll lost kilos.. gain more bags(eyes) but more moo-lahs. =)

Busy girl i am, the happier i'll be?

Visit me peeps! I'll be greatly appreciated. And yes, thanks Wen and Yvon for visiting me on Tuesday.

Today is Happy April Fool's day, i think i will say a lie.

Fool you
fool me
but i cant fool
..my heart.

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