April 30, 2007

I love love.

(On friday..)

This is how nerdy i can look, and seriously i miss the nerd black frame spectacles which was stolen. RAWR. Anyway my degree is just 75, 50.

..and there's Eugenia at the other lab.

I'm having fun with Robin's tie. Heh.

(On Saturday, the 28th April.)
That day was my brother Thomas Lim birthday. You're 21 already brother.. and although i know you wont read my blog, i want to say i LOVE you. I'll get you your Nike Messenger bag prolly later.. although it'll cost me quite a bomb.

Happy Birthday Yong Huat! =)

After the small celebration of eating mee suan and chocolate exotic cake, i went over to Trix's house together with Zhihui to do project. I sort of try her mascara(which is like the first time i put), and eyeliner. I look quite different when i take pictures.. and i got kind of self-obssesed, for awhile.

(This is like before, and yes TWEETY lovely.)

Notice the difference in my eyes? LOL. But the mascara makes me feel weird, like i'm feeling-sleepy feeling.

I spotted this shades in her house. Then Trix told me we bought together when we're out last time.. eheh. WOO, and the flash actually make my eyes to be seen when capture.

This is a lady bug which i mistaken for a DEVIL. Hah.

End of camwhore session in Trix house. PARDON me.

After, went to school for Musical Night. The performance did a great job i must say and i'm pretty impress by the dance.. be it from Stage Arts, Dance Company or Foreign Bodies. And ya, went there with Eugenia, chris, Trix, Nickz and Jacky.

That's us at Cheers. Trix went home, and the rest of us went for supper.

Let me talk about work. Work is usual, stoning or serving the custumers. And we colleagues still entertain ourselves by taking pictures, cross-dress and etc to kill our BOREDOM.
(Pictures taken last week.)

May got her new Camera and we try out certain effects. I love the FOCUS RED EFFECT. Weeeeeeee. 'Cos my camera dont have those functions. RAWR.

That's the ghostly me.. trying to scare the custumers away.

Boon Kiat, small one(LOL!) and Paul.

Zar and me, we look seriously dirty. Oh well..

(Pictures taken yesterday, 29 April.)

Joseph's version.

"Don't Techno for An Answer."


Presenting the twin.

Above is the ghost and the smurfs. LOL.

"Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil, See no Evil."


Bud YT, thanks for visiting me! =)

I'm done.

So much pictures to update, please load well. And i dont know why there's pop-ups in my blog. Tsk tsk.

Damn, i forget alot of dance steps in my course. 2 more lessons to graduation.. Gin gonna video us dancing.. WOO. I need to like practice already.

Someone forget the date to watch "The White Man Three" tomorrow. =(

Waiting for your
just like we would be
and i am told
to do what i've to.

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