April 27, 2007


In life, everything is conclude with that either or answer.

I kind of screw up the Fbodz audition. Practically, i forget almost all the dance steps.. i got so tense up, stress up and then lack of confidence. I remember before i dance.. i close my eyes and recall the steps. I tell everyone they can, they will remember the steps.. BUT..

Why didn i tell myself i can?

I feel that i've disappointed the people who anticipate to see me dance, i'm disappointed that why i can actually forget the steps when i'm in Hip Hop II already. I went for open classes and i can actually dance them out with one hour of class(although i may not dance so well or still stiff). The choreography for audition was given two hours, RAWR.

And i feel, i should start from stretch again. I dont think i'll go for Hip Hop III course already.. i'll prolly keep going for open classes or try up Reggae. My waves are bad, and i cant shake my ass. 'COS I'M BORN TO BE A GIRL, i need to do GIRLY DANCE? Shrugs.

People dont keep telling me i'm stiff, i know i am so just asked me to buck up.
Saying i am stiff makes me upset and my confidence level drop to the -eighteen storey. (Bluffing, cheating, whatever i am...)

Hey, i wont give up.

Bring that confidence
like how i'm addicted to the camera
Bring that feel
like how i can feel love.

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