March 25, 2007

Wet chicken.

So i decided to blog again. I think this is my habit or rather blogging is addictive. I feel rather sick now 'cos on the way home.. it's raining and i didn bring an umbrella. I walk very slowly till i reach home..

Anyway, will be working for the next three days. It's rather funny that i work in three different places. Later on, i'll be working at Pacific Plaza(till 8), Monday at Raffles City(to cover for Paul till 6, 'cos i need to go dance open class), then Tuesday back to Marina Square(as usual). HAH. AND I WILL EAT CHICKEN STEAK RICE LATER. I miss BBQ express from Tangs.

Anyone want to visit me?

Thanks Yt, Danny and Henry for dropping by again! =D

Yea, Jed colleague commented when i dance.. i'm "kalang- kapo(sp?)". I think she means i'm kanchiong spider. LOL. I believe that's the reason why when i dance, no one knows what i'm dancing.

An annoucement to make..

I dont know if they wanted part timer or full timer, but if anyone wanted a job.. you can try for the walk-in interview. Hopefully who-ever get the job is my friend or a handsome chap(so to make me awake during work). Hah.

I think i should get rid of some habits, and get back to my happy form.

Miss him or not, i think it doesnt matter anymore.

Blinded by not-yet-love.

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