March 28, 2007

My senses all mix up.

I believe i really like him. There's this rush of my adrenaline, and then my face blushes like mad. I sort of feel feverish and all tense up, or perhaps it's been awhile since i last saw him.

All feels wrong, i feel awkward.. less talks, less eye-contacts, less smiles, less everything. Again, i guess my six sense is wrong again. How could he also feel for me, this small one?

I think i'm giving up? - giving up on liking and giving up on love. They just wouldnt come for me.. and if he's happy i guess i'll be.

I wish.. my greatest wish this year......... is to get into Fbodz.

Kill the kanchiong spider, and build up confidence girl.

crushes crushed
into bit and pieces.
'but hey i haven make a confession.
or perhaps i cant.

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