March 8, 2007

Blank i've got.

This is how dumb i can look during work.(I tried on this DC jacket 'cos it's the cheapest jacket in the store. It's $49 and after my staff discount, it prolly costs around $35. Lol. Then Owen put a cap on my head and asked me to dance YO.)

Tsk, the jacket is size SMALL.. it's available in brown and grey. :]

My pocket is burned. I bought two tops recently, "I love thrash" and "I love puma". I still have got some other stuffs to buy. Prolly a belt from my store, but still it costs around $38 after discount.

Aiyah, someone keep popping in my mind. I think my brain gonna smash soon. TSK.

Define missing.

Follow wherever it go
where it leads me to
it has a mind of its own.

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