January 11, 2007

Random update.

It've been five days since i update an entry to my blog. So here goes..

1. I just bought one pair of faded jeans and a army pants at F.O.X yesterday. I LOVE FOX MAN, especially when it comes to sales.
2. I join the Hip Hop 1 course already. =D Please help me not to become a blocky.
3. I'm still working at Roxy(Quiksilver) every weekends, saturday 1030 - 9, sunday 1030 - 8.
4. I'll be going swimming with Xue every wednesday.
5. I didnt go for JMD already. =(
6. I've grow fatter 'cos i eat too much supper. Fats in the stomach area.
7. I cried watching korean drama - My Girl. JESSICA FINALLY CRY, 'cos of a show and not of boy(or somebody). WOW.
8. I recalled last year happening with a guy, i think he's a super bastard.
9. I missed Trixy, 'cos she haven come school for like three days continously. Zh called and messaged her, there's no reply. I messaged her, there's silence too.
10. I'm sorry to Wen 'cos she said i didn go out with her. To Anna, Stel, Xue and Yang too.
11. I've a new desktop in my brother's room.
12. I haven do my project, homework and etc.
13. I've been SINGLE for ONE YEAR and FOUR DAYS. This few days, there's a sudden loneliness wind blowing at me.
14. I feel like seeing this particular in the school campus. But i know the chance is slim.
15. I want to thanks Eug for lending me the black slippers yesterday. And thanks to alot of stuffs.
16. I want to thanks Yiu Tsung for giving me the snacks from shanghai.
17. I want to thanks Tyde for giving the key chain from korea.
18. I managed to do a little baby freeze.
19. I dont have so much urge to take pictures anymore.
20. I feel really tired.
21. I think if i dont eat, i'll die.

The end, that's all for now.

Everytime i show you all my love
Everytime i love you in my style
Everytime i give you what i need
Everytime i hold you next to me

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