December 9, 2006

Strictly Dance Zone.

(In school, during break..)

That's me.

Jess and Eug.

The pee-ing session,


The kissing session,

..MUACKS! ;p


..Eng Hua hands! LOL.

Yesterday, went to Singapore Polytechnic to watch dance concert.. together with Eug and Yang. We sitted with ProjectO and behind us were mostly peeps from NYP - FB. I dont quite know many of them but i enjoy the dances performed. The faces and one of the modern dance gave me a great impression.

Anyway, i kind of regretted not taking pictures with the mask guys.. 'cos they're scary yet interesting. Lol. AND i've got no pictures taken. =[

Just now, went to meet Eugenia and his friend Joshua. We walked around Far East and guess who i saw? I saw my colleagues Ivan and Zar. I dont know how to react 'cos i said i've got school stuffs so i cant work. I'm quite guilty 'cos Jane was like being force to work. Then Eug told Ivan that we've got dance performance. Actually i took leave 'cos i wanted to go and see bboy break dancing in Rp. In the end i didn cos Eug went for workshop and i heard it's not a showcase.

I'm sorry Jane.

Anyway, i bought my first baggy pants. I change my jeans to the pants, they say i look better.

Uniquely Singapore. Tsk, i think i look weird.

Eug, with the colorful car.


The balloons.


Something crossed my mind, if i dont really know how to dance then i dress like a dancer.. will it seems to be a poser?

It seems a long time since i go for open classes in O School, i think i've to go real soon.. i'm way back.

And i need to save money! No more buying of clothes for one month? LOL.

To end, a webcam cum video conversation with Jacky.
He's in O school.

Lol. They're cute yea? =\

And sorry i didn ask permission to post them up! LOL.

Common tests next week, i need to buck up.

No matter
where we go
No matter
where we end up
We'll take a chance
and hold on to our hope.

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