December 7, 2006

All i wish..

I seriously dont know what i want for my birthday. I've alot of things i wanted to buy, but if you ever ask me.. what you want? I've got this blank.

Then i think, the numbers in my bank account is dropping.. so why not when i go out, you guys pay my expenses? It would be much of a present. HAHAH. How about transport fees and yes, i havent buy this java programming book which costs $30+ ? ;p

I think i want to be happy.

But how? I dont know.

I found out there's this photo taken last week(or last last week) i haven post on my blog, so here goes..

I'm trying to scare Eug. LOL.
But i failed.

We're the same species. =/

Anyway, we sorta play and i acted like i'm some ___. They took this from the TV outside the lift.

I think this is quite scary, the more i look at it.. i scares myself.

To kill the freaki-ness from the last picture. This is how bored i can be during work..

I forget to mention, i've a fall on that paticular day, then my sleeve got stain by mud. But it seems that it blends in to the top and give a more vintage look. HAHAH.

To Reeve, thanks for the photoshop disc and the Mac Donald breakfast BUT i haven download photoshop yet.. i'm just too plain lazy. KUKU me.. and i actually fall infront of you, so unglam. =\

To Jon, you too see the unglam of me during the haircut. OMTIAN.

Anyway, this shades belongs to my colleague - Jamal.

I finally got pictures from Jane.

I sort of missed working with her. 'Cos she only work on weekdays, and i only work on weekends, we didn work together. I shall visit her and take more photos, some time! =D

Notice i'm sort of like standing in mid air. HEH. ..and that's the store room.

I think i've work in Roxy for like 8 days already. The 9 day will be coming soon.. i'm still quite a noob. I hope Lynn wont be so fierce to me with regards to the cashier, 'cos i've this bad memory during work.

I've got this serious tummy ache the whole day, i think i've eat too much already. This afternoon eat Swensens with the girls in class, then there's a main course, a soup, a drink and a dessert. Then dinner time i got this urge to eat KFC. HAHAH.

Next monday, there's this celebration of my birthday and Aaron's together with classmates. His birthday on the 11th. Will be fun yes, SIR?

not heart-shaped.

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