August 2, 2006

A Game of Feelings

When it comes to boredom, i enetertain myself.

And i look pretty being messy. Cross fingers.


Today, two things struck me like what of a joke. Firstly, i lost ma portforlio. Secondly, santa suddenly asked me to be together. It all happens like this...

In the morning, i went to da toilet in block Q.. i left ma folio in da toilet ledge, and when i came out of da cubicle.. all i saw was empty. I got shock and looked around and asked ma classmates if they saw it. So, i lost ma Digital Electronics notes, spectacles, house keys, ear piece, wallet, some stationary, comb and ma admission card. I SO HOPE SOMEONE PRANK ME AND SAID: "I HIDE YOUR FOLIO, HERE IT IS." Like what ah lian have said, even a pencil got feelings, as in the feelings i have for them.

I message santa to look around for ma portfolio cos he's part of nyp too. And what he reply me was like so cold.

When i got home, we kinda chatted a little on msn. I told him i was sad about ma lost folio, and etc. When i was out to buy stationary, he send me an email. And that was what i was shock. LOL. I gotta give him a reply before his birthday, that was what i asked to think over.

Come to think of him, i was da one who keep giving his stuffs. He never give me anything except da chocolate that i asked him to. Is that what he called liking? Or did i miss out anything? Wonders.. Or perhaps, what he give me was da badump and butterflies.


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