April 11, 2006


i'm stuffing and rotting at home with ma computer da whole day. maybe it's a good thing, maybe it's aint. well, i gonna go berserk thinking of stuffs and also, da renovation of da basketball court. can ya imagine? ya are sleeping half-way and around eight plus in da morning.. ya keep hearing da sound of 'shooting guns'. LOL. i'm exaggerating but for one who is living in da tenth floor is going mad, how about living in da second storey means? SCREAMS.

seriously, i'm bringing ma camera everywhere i go. i'm taking pictures like almost everyday. i'm self-obsessed, help. and ya, b'cos i got no work.. i'm like blogging everyday till someone hates me. yeah.

i'm thinking if life is like adding flavouring onto something. for example.. i like to add pepper onto soup, porridge and etc 'cos i think it taste much more better. so.. can i add smileys to ma life? can i add stars in ma heart to feel better?

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