January 16, 2006

beyond words

i gonna be free soon! yipee. what i mean is that i quit da job at zone x cos i was so tired. but then again.. i will miss da crew there and people i meet there. and ya, ma bus and mrt fare become adult costs. i'm so damn upset cos i work at raffles place and this will costs me a bomb. BOMB! x_o.

suddenly, i feel like i was something on sale.. imagine you were a sale item and everyone is snatching for you, wishing you were theirs. LOL.

i went on a date with fm on sunday. and ya, imagine you went out with a guy for your first date. he was late a couple of minutes and then you waited and took da third bus to town. halfway through da highway.. both of you were dozing. you opened your eyes and saw smoke and you wake him up. everyone got off da bus cos da bus BROKE DOWN. lol! how funny can this first date be? and then we waited for a number of bus on da highway cos it was packed. anw, some bus driver slowdown and peek at us. and then somebody sitting on a lorry laughed madly. WAHAA. some kiasu ppl boarded da bus first.. fm, me and a few couple of people were da last[we waited for thirty minutes! o_o]. so.. sweat sweat we go town! LMAO.

anw, we watched heirloom. da movie was a lil scary but it's more of a story telling. da story was quite interesting though.

i wanna learn dancing but then i couldnt find anyone to enroll da lesson with me. if there still no mate.. i think i will enroll da class alone. but again, i dont know what it will turn out if i'm alone.. esp on da first lesson and so on.

smoke. OH MAN.

'spoilt' bus on highway

when ya see an incident, buy 4D! xD

i open ma eyes but i couldn see cos i'm blind.

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