January 25, 2006


i went to enrolled for da dance course at ytcc yesterday. i hope da course will be fine and then i will know how to dance a lil. LOL. i saw this guy at da counter at ytcc.. he's a helper i suppose. he's handsome and is those sunshine guy. wahaa. but handsome guys is to see.. o_o

i finally found a pair of dark denmin jeans and a white heels. woos. now.. i gonna buy necklace with big big chains, weird rings and maybe ear rings.. how nice.

nothing much to update about.. just that i got work on every weekdays, and then somehow i miss da arcade job a lil. and cos i work lesser, ma mind start to wander around again.. memories. god. aha.

i wanna go suntan! become a lil whiter i suppose? swimming will resume soon! and pals, outing together soon? =D

dont let the fear of the time
it will take to accomplish
the time will pass anyway
we might just as well put that time
to the best possible use

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