December 25, 2005


merry christmas peeps! lols. x'mas is nothing special to me cos i didn celebrate it.. but it's kinda fun with da feel. maybe years later.. i will celebrate x'mas. went out with ma mama yesterday, on x'mas eve. we went to look for ma grandmama at boon lay place and then to jp. lastly, mama and me went to chinatown. i intend to shop around for chinese new year clothings.. so i bought two outfits already! hee. one is a lil jappish and another sunshine feel.

i also went for da interview at xbox cos da manager called me. LOL. i tot if he nv call, i can work full time at hito. but now.. i will be juggling two jobs. duh. i dont know which day not to work cos not working one day means a loss of money. and then if i work everyday from mon to sun without going out.. it means NO LIFE. how? shake heads. anw, i cant work in xbox at da moment.. da manager said cos i'm adrian's fren.. we cant work together. so.. tata i'm in da xzone, da arcade. da manager told me ma job is to walk around and 'patrol'.. if ppl game machine jam.. i got to make it 'alive'.. and when da chairs is messy, i gonna arrange it. lmao.

i spend losta money this days.. damn. it's about two hundred plus already. i need to save more! and i need more time with friends and family! lastly, enough rest for maself. =D.

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