January 3, 2006


suddenly, i'm in love with cats stuffs. i mean some and not all yeap. so how have i been? bad as in i'm working almost everyday.. sometimes i was out for almost half of da day. so i am tired all da way. good as in i'm still alive, still healthy. LOL.

i meet quite a number of ppl in zonex. i met ma pri sch frens, know new friend from da crew and of course da aunties there. heh. some are rather nice ppl and they are damn funny. there is this guy that visit me everyday when i'm working. i always describe ppl as funny and so is he.. he's younger than me. i gave him and da other guy ma email cos they wanted ma num. LOL. i know what attracted ppl is ma hair.. i highligted it red and i may seems special. in da pass i'm like those isolated gals.. wahaa.

ebase is having a sale! hmms, before i went to work today.. i acc ma mum to causeway point. she wanted to go u2 and i wanted to go ebase. i tried something in u2 and i look so funny.. HAHA. and then ebase clothes are nice! i bought da MEOWY cardigan, a tube and a skirt. hee, great.

gotta work again later and now is like one plus am. woos. i miss going out wearing nice nice clothes.. taking photos too. anw, i work at city hall on sat for da cafe and i took some crazy pictures. shall post it in this entry or a new entry.. so, i will be back! xD.

anw.. ma bro say i look like an ah lian with ma hair. it's sorta true i guess. is this good or bad? i miss ppl!

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