December 11, 2005

sorry yet thank you

work was tiring. there were so many working people in da cbd area. damn. LOL. da stuffs and pots are heavy and kinda strain me, and then i aint tall so i couldn reach some stuffs and have to stretch. lmao. i did talk to pauline already and i think she quite nice also. i didn know she is twenty four until she told me.. i thought she was like eighteen or nineteen. woos.

i meet him on da friday.. i walked from raffles place to city hall, passing by esplanade and blah. ma legs hurts so i did rest and sit down. i waited almost three hours cos he gt interview for job. i sat along at city hall and saw numbers of people walk past. i saw michelle, eugene, eileen and an e-one gal. i think i saw eliza, wanyu and mingfen back view.. lols! i recognised mf bag.

i gt angry after da long wait and told him i'm going home. in da end, i still meet him.. i grumble.. cry a lil and then smile. okay, i'm supo emotional. haha. maybe he's da cure for sadness. town, dinner and then home. i bought a slipper, he bought a wallet and a pants.

now, i cant sleep cos i've sleep to much just now. i sleep till one plus yesterday and then took a nap in da evening. god. hope i can get a gd nite sleep tomorrow. and yeap, tenth month tomorrow. =D five more days to ma birthday.. hope boss will give me an off or ma outing will be postpone? shrugs.

wo ai ni, hao ai ni.

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