December 3, 2005


prom is over, it was damn boring except for da announcement of well-dress guy/girl and mr/ms dunearnite. maybe it's because ma table is like all guys except for jiaying, yang and me. and i didn manage to take pictures with classmates.. they didn look for da both of us also. how sad huh. ISOLATED is da word.. or maybe we are forgotten. thank wen and xue for helping stel, yang and me make our make ups and da hair. haha. i think i look quite different.. and i look weird taking pictures bcos of ma high forehead. AHH.

i got a job at da jap cafe already. yesterday ma first day of work and it's quite nice yeap. so, ma working time gonna be from 11 - 3.. it's at raffles place.. caltex house, a cafe name HITO. lols! i like da indian bos.. he's nice and wont scold people.. he will talk to ppl nicely yeap. and ya, i gonna take up another job also.. i went to fill an interview form at xbox yesterday too, but ahh.. da boss went reservice so i couldn interview till next week. LOL. chatted with santa for like one hour or so and went home to eat eat.

and ya.. today me and yang went for da create talents model agency. they called so we went to check out. if we want to be a model, we need to pay to make a card and blah.. and in da end we went off although we waited very long for that interview. LOL. there were some models inside da agency but they are mostly kids or of our age. they wore makeups and blah. the agency is real lah.. but if ya are not hunt by ppl who in need of models.. i don think u will earn much.

now, photos shall explain da past few days.


this is da magenta dress.. and i tot it was nicer than da black.

the day we went to an agency called recruit express.

wen hand HAHA

FINALLY, the five of us! =D


great world city

xue gave me this jacket! =D

da toilet is damn pretty!


this is da red devils.


graduation night 2005

i wore makeup o_o

da helpers =D


i look so stone!


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