November 29, 2005

rebellious lady

damn it, if i could, i wanna work till late night everyday.. stop those naggish can? bcos i dont know da ice cream guy got sell ice cream with package.. you wasted some money.. i feel that what you saying is blaming me. you say you blame da ice cream guy.. but it sounded it was me. damn it. and stupid gal's prob.

tomorrow prom night.. i gonna update da pictures in one go.

and today i went to interview at raffles city. da working hours is damn weird.. i think da boss will only give me lunch time which is from 11 - 3. that means if i work for one month.. i only get 36o bucks. WAH. so little.. i hope he will give me work till 1o but then there is a break time of three hours frm 3 - 6. can u imagine what am i going to do in this CDB area? and i wont be able to see hunks and babes. BORING. x=. lols! but maybe it's a chance for me to try lah. and da boss and manager seems nice. woos.

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