November 23, 2005

stupid devil, i should have call you angel

today da five of us went out together.. we went around town and went to this agency called recruit express. so, ya we went to look for jobs. and pics wont be up cos i'm in no mood to update.. in addition, i'm using da laptop now.

i shouldnt call a toy devil, especially red devil. i should call it an angel.. cos an angel bring happiness and sprinkles love. how nice with all that love. a devil hurts.. use it's whatsoever weapon to stab u.. till ya heart bleed like no one cares. i shouldn giv ya a red devil, on a blue monday.

bcos i'm angry with him making empty promises, bcos i think his apology aint sincere enough.. bcos i'm too stubborn. i think i'm now all alone. i'm nt sure if i am already.. cos we didn say clearli enough. i wanted to see him.. i wanna tok to him but i noe that wont be a chance again. if we're not together.. two more times i see him is during da prom and da release of results.

actually all i wanted is like simple.. and i donno how simple can this be. i just wanted to have more attention.. i feel like i'm no longer important.. i'm no longer da perfect gal you use to think.. i aint no gd figure and a pretty face. and i'm just an ordinary lass. i've alot of things incomplete with you.. you promise to go sentosa with me.. with me to celebrate ma birthday, maybe no more.. no more.

i dont know if you will be reading this.. but goodbye, remember to take care of urself and if one day you find another gal.. make sure ya don make empty promises again. sometimes what a gal one is security.. u know? buy ur gal gifts.. even write a letter or a note. even a gift that dosent worth much.. it's da thoughts that counts.

for da one i heart, ma devil. nine months eleven days, droplets.

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