November 21, 2005



okay, biology paper was over and so i'm left with tomorrow. today i went to look for ma mum at buno vista at around four plus, we went to eat some snack and then kinda walk around. i wanted to hunt for prom clutch but it was either too expensive or i didn like it. duh. and i went to a shop and try a magenta prom dress, it look cute eh.. and i thought it was nice. da dress cost $69 but is then at an offer price of $39. so i went around calling people asking them whether da prom can wear other colours then black and white. so i bought it in da end cos da stall lady giv me a price of $30. WOOS. when i took da train home.. i regretted.. when i went home and tried it again, and oso da black dress.. da black was nicer. haa. so u know how girls can be like so undecisive. moreover, when i was in da shop.. there was this jc gal who wanted to tried da dress.. maybe this initiated me more to wanting da dress. how 'possessive' am i?

how gd if i save da moni and buy a betta clutch. but ahh.. i can always wear da magenta dress another time.. if nt sell it! =D. pictures of da dress will be on da nxt entry.

another part of ma day was rather amazing, jus like what appeared in da dramas or movies. [rewind, on da way to buno vista] i took mrt and da moment i just wanted to step onto da escalator.. i saw someone farmiliar walking down da stairs.. he's santa. lols! he was toking to his friend so he didn saw me. i started to think, if i didn look for ma mama at buno vista.. something so 'drama' type wont happen. LOL. i wonder if things always happen this way. another example is da friday when yang and me went to study at national library. she had gastric in da morning so da trip was postpone to da afternoon, and then we were hungry and wanted to eat. we were walking on da street and one lady accidentally step onto yang's heel cos she stop.. and i wanted to cross da road. so, da ladies stopped and claim that she's frm zodiac ladies network and wanted to take pictures of da fashion trend for december. so she took picture of us, if 'we' are posted online.. we would be inform via sms.

ya see.. things always happen coincidentally, by chance or whatsoever. i wonder what happen if i didn get into dunearn secondary school and blah. what kind of person would i be? shrugs.

okay, back to da dress part.. life is also da same theory as that. you have already found someone you love.. but then you still look around and yearn for something. when you get that something else.. you start to regret, looking and back to da past. HA. so.. cherish what u have now! don regret and i will still wear ma black dress. xD

and ya.. i gonna be broke soon, ma bank account money is dropping. so.. i need a job to earn back! =D. and i should stop buying clothes.

da red devils, i love ya

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