November 12, 2005

not as simple as it seems

english paper and emaths paper two were over. well, i dont know if i can get a pass for ma english.. and ma bro told me if the candidates infront of me did better, then i will get a really low grade. if they did badly.. then i'm really lucky. well.. hope i will get a pass or even better. for maths, i couldn figure out da equation for xyz.. lols. but hope overall will get an A. till then, i still got around one more week and two days. i still haven study geo, physics and amath for nxt week. go go alright? aha.

i went clementi with ma mama today. i went to pluck ma eye brow.. and is damn pain okay! lols. da indian helped me make.. and is those kind of tradition one, using thread. lols. and i look older by a few years already.. and somehow looked like an ah lian? LMAO.

and ya, today is our nineth month.. so long already and see how time pass. somehow i hope someday i will get this beautiful blue rose or whatsoever from him. any surprise boy? shrugs.


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emotion - unhappy o; grins bosong ahh MUACKS


forever isnt a term that can be forever, it aint true but just imaginary..

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