October 13, 2005

who's da anonymous? tell me.

i'm so bored, freaking bored. i shouldnt be online now but i still do. i didn really study for this week.. am i digging ma grave, to ma doom? duh. when i read da first few page of bio, i read and then do others things and didn continue, what's wrong with me? haa. anw, i skipped ss tutorial on monday and thursday. it's unlike me to skipped tutorial but ya.. i dont have da mood and seems like i'm running away from something.

i heard that primary six students were supo stress with their psle. so.. does that means that ppl who aim for higher education should go berserk? lols. but ya.. i guess they should relax abit, and parents, dont stress ya kids so much that they think psle is da end of their life. and i know i gotta buck up for o's. i keep saying i know i know but can i just do it with ma actions?

went to ma grandmother's birthday celebration on da sunday, nineth of october. it was alright and there was this man scolded vulgarity to ma cousin just bcos he take his slippers and wanna scare da birds. da man said ma cousin is trying to kill da bird.. and please, can a small kid kill a bird with bare hands? that man even fed a whole of birds/pigeons. it is against da rule eh. he even kick passerbys bicycle when they cycled by. and there was this guy that called da police but when da police arrived, da man who scolded vulgarity at ma cousin had gone. and i think da police went to find him.. and in da end.. it wasnt solve i guess.

tomorrow wan's birthday, gonna go out with him in da afternoon ba. so long since i saw him.. mayb about a week? i miss him, alot really.

and ya.. i took pictures of those birds and ma grandmother's birthday celebration.. upload another time. =D.

gd luck peeps. jiayou for o's. yuan qi pin guo.. hope it works.

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