October 23, 2005


things aint so great and fine yeap. two weeks break is gonna be off by tomorrow.. it seems like everyone is being buried by books cum textbooks. what about me? i still haven really started with that damn thing.

i begin to worry but i must really strive alot even if i'm left with such short time. thinking about ma future, what course i want to go in.. i'm aimless. i wanna try design courses.. but i dont know if i have da talent and i dont have da basic. i should get science course cos i in a science class. thinking of study bio courses but it's like so digusting cutting animals. maybe chemistry or physics is da one but i'm nt so gd oso. i wanna go to courses i like like mass communication or design kind but i dont think i can make it. i'm nt interested in accountants cos i think it's boring. but whatever it is.. it gt to lie in me and maybe everything wasnt what i wanted.

i'm scare of humans, maybe.. not all but some. ha. it just started with an incident yesterday. i'm wondering will u remember somebody face if u just saw merely a few seconds. will you? just some thoughts and i hope some peeps will answer me and to lessen ma phobia. don ask me what happen.. just answer me that question. thanks in advance. =]

long time since i'm listening to radio.. i'm out of da fm world. ;o. it somehow seems nice to explode your ears with loud music.. so de-stressful, how nice. i still dont know who is da ANOYNYMOUS. he or she still haven tell me who he or she is. curiosity kills okay. maybe that peep just bored and jus pass by.

i wonder if he ever read this but i doubts it. one more month and i'm officially free from this school.. how nice how scary. maybe da real nightmare gonna start. i'm still lazy to post colours - photos.

and ya, i given up on ma van's slippers i'm eyeing on. cos i tot it costs 32 but it ended up 39. so expensive for a slippers. and at first i wanna but a swimming pants at cine, but when i went there, they're gone.. no more. i wanna buy a cap at lot one.. but it dosent look nice on me. how sad.

shake, vibrate.

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