October 3, 2005


another long entry, be preapared

dear diary, how are you? hmms.. after much thoughts and comments from friends.. i'm alright already. ma result was really bad.. and to get L1R5 of 2o for ma to do list is already way exceed. i guess.. da old shall be da one? NO WAY will i exceed, i'll try ma very best. anw, ma english become d7[45.1], cos teacher mark me one question wrong. heh. i think that's one more.. he ask me to check da word in da dictionary and tell him. what a lazy teacher. x=. i gt a c6[52] for amaths, which was quite expected.. a d7[47.3] for physics, bio/chem a b4[61], chinese an a2[72]. now i get back all ma results but i know nuts about social studies. zahara is like dragging da thing.. i hope at least overall for humanities i'll get a pass, althought it is so much impossible cos i smoke da way through. and i only get a 25/5o for ma geography. ma L1R5 is around 33, and ma L1R4 is 26 w/o humanities.

i wanna be like da hard working, nerddo or whatever kind of person for da rest of da days till o's. bless me alright. and ppl who's having EOY and O's/N's gd luck! jiayou.

i went to zoo on da saturday with ah wan. was quite fun but tiring. we went to zoo. lols. do couples of our age go zoo? xD. we met at around ten plus, ate lunch and then boarded da bus to zoo. da entrance ticket was like 15 bucks. so ex, and if ya wanna sit da tram.. it gonna be 19. we go in at twelve plus.. and we walked finished one round at around one plus. HA! how fast and it's like so long already. we saw losta animals, we touched a small snake, and take losta pictures. shall post da pictures next time.. and cos i'm using ma bro's laptop to update. =]. went to watch corpse bride at cwp. da show was quite nice but it was quite short.. about one and half hr? there was this guy or said sisi beside ah wan.. den his hand like wanna stretch to dar chair. LOL. but he's actually watching da movie with his gal. and tata! i reach home at around eight.

today.. i accompany yang go far east buy bag. she bought her puma bag. we saw prom dresses in da shop. at first i dunno want to try anot.. but i try. there were three dresses and i was stuck between two dresses. what i mean is i think both suits me and i wanna buy for prom. one was a tube kind, another sphagetti kind. da tube one was special.. but da sphagetti was like more comfortable and plain but mature. what if da tube drop? LOL. yang also try on da same three dresses and she choose one like halter net de. we gonna buy it on friday cos da discount gonna end by this week. da price was reasonable too. =D.

sometimes i've been wondering.. i wanna be a lass with gd brains, and not merely a pretty face[taught in prelims el paper LOL]. i wanna be confident in prom if did real hard for o's. i will try ma best. but sometimes i don get motivated till da last minute.. why am i like this? HA.

anw, i wanna be pretty pretty, clever clever. o_o.

note: thanks those who console me. =D

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