September 17, 2005


i'm here to update. woos. ma bio paper ytd was hard, mayb cos i didn study well and i hug da buddha leg. aha. but i mus buck up on ma chem le.. at least study today? i know i make no difference, i am still having less minute work. well, i gonna study lil earlier for da BIG o's. i hope i really can get L1R5 20 for ma prelims. i will really be happy already.

i've been thinking alot.. after o's i got losta stuffs to do. i wanna go to zoo, wild wild wet, sentosa, dentist[to check on ma teeth if can whiten it], work[earn money to go dentist and blah], and celebrate ma birthday! hahas. losta stuffs to do and i need losta money. i hope ma birthday will hav losta ppl and presnts xD.

i wanna go out with ma pri sch frens and mos crew members, seems long time i saw them. i miss i miss. and i miss ma pals.. since long we all go out together.

anw, take care peeps. prelims fever has started. lols.


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